you know i love you so

off to stan, ni får en outfitbild när jag kommit hem. puss!

Postat av: effie

tycker om din stil så jävla mycket!

du är verkligen inte rädd för att vara dig själv och du har inte samma stil som de andra, du kör liksom ditt eget, fortsätt med det!

btw, härlig blogg!<3

2010-07-22 @ 18:34:15
Postat av: Zahara

OMG :( Sofia help !

I was on 'date' and was in shock !!!

I saw my boyfriend with another girl :((

They looked like as a couple.

I'm crying :(

I must divorced with him, but i don't know how?!

What do you think about it?

Just told him what i saw and divorced?

HELP :(((

2010-07-22 @ 20:55:41
Postat av: sofia

i think you should asc him who the girl was and if there just friends or more before you do anything drastic. what happened? i thought you where supposed to go on a date with him?

2010-07-22 @ 22:16:14
Postat av: Zahara

i mustn't asc him who the girl was... cause i saw when he kissed her and really many times cuddled her ! i'm sure they aren't only friends :( we should be on this date on the beach but before we meet i saw him and this girl together :(

2010-07-22 @ 23:02:32
Postat av: katis


2010-07-29 @ 19:48:29

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