sharing different heartbeats in one night

leggings lindex // poncho cejon accessories // skor // väska guess

Postat av: Anonym

Hello Sofia :D

These fotos did you do in your room?

PERFECT poncho.

omg, how many pairs of shoes, i love it !

2010-12-08 @ 21:04:08
Postat av: sofia

Hi sweetie :) Yes, the photos are taken in my room. Thank you! Haha, i think i have about 30 pairs of shoes. I love shoes :)

2010-12-08 @ 21:10:56
Postat av: Anonym

Oh my gadness !

30 - :O !

Mmm i understand your love to shoes.

i'm ill on them too.

/ P.S Beautiful colour of the room <3

2010-12-08 @ 21:24:58
Postat av: Alice

Snygg du är gumman!

2010-12-09 @ 08:06:32
Postat av: Anonym

var har du köpt den ponchon och var ligger de??

2010-12-09 @ 13:16:05
Postat av: sofia

jag har köpt ponchon i usa :)

2010-12-09 @ 13:21:14

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